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Grace and Law (Parts 1 - 3) Created 22 February 2017

The Bible teaches that Jesus fulfilled the Law of Moses to usher in the Dispensation of Grace - the opportunity for non-Jews to become righteous members of the Body of Christ through repentance and faith. We know that the New Testament (or New Coveneant between God and mankind), in reality, really only starts where Jesus - having been crucified and raised from the dead - ascends to heaven and brings about the ministry of the Holy Spirit on earth.

Essentially, this only happens at the end of the 4 Gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John - and at the start of the book of Acts, the 5th book of the New Testament. But then, how is it that the rest of the New Testament so clearly speaks about 'observing His commandments' or 'pursuing His laws'? Did He not already fulfill the Law of Moses?

Yes. But there is more to it than simply dismissing everything that spells the word "law" in the New Testament as irrelevant to Gentile believers today. From the Bible, these short videos explain how it is that God still has laws or 'ways' to be pursued, despite Jesus having fulfilled the Law of Moses.

Grace and Law - Part 3A

Grace and Law - Part 3B

Note: my apologies for the video quality in Parts 1 - 2

Grace and Law - Part 2

Grace and Law - Part 1


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Please consult the Bible and test what is written here. Ask the Lord to give you wisdom in this area. Keep that which is good and reject that which is not Scriptural. Should you come to a different understanding than I please let me know - perhaps I can learn from you.

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