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Ministry of Condemnation: Jesus plus nothing? Last update: June 2013

Congratulations! You have chosen to read an article and even watch a video that sounds very judgemental indeed. The Apostle Paul uses this phrase - "ministry of condemnation" - to refer to the Law of Moses and to illustrate that we cannot add to the grace of God. I know you may know this already but please read on.

Some among us use this idea to make the case that His grace means that it is not even up to us to repent and believe - they say He has done it all for us by having predestined some to faith and others not. Accordingly, there is absolutely nothing you and I can do to get saved - not even repent or believe. I shall not comment further on that at this point save to say that the matter revolves around the question of free will - did God give Adam and Satan and every other created being a free will? Nevertheless, they are right in the sense that His grace requires us to receive it freely whilst adherence to the Law of Moses, or parts of it, brings condemnation. In this sense, there is no 'faith plus anything'.

For if we stumble in only one part - whether the 'moral law' or the 'ceremonial law' - we stumble in all of the Law. Thus, we cannot cherry-pick what we like about the Law and what not, like choosing to uphold the 'moral law' but not the 'ceremonial law'. Moreover, we cannot pretend that we are Jews if we are not. Christians have been guiltly of doing this particularly as it pertails to making and giving money. Though it may seem innocent, or ignorant, it remains a ministry of condemnation.

But God's new covenant (which really is His 'first and only covenant' if you are a Gentile like me) determines something entirely fresh. His new covenant means that we may become righteous through faith. And in this faith - as and when we obey His word spoken to our hearts - we may enter His rest. Thus, He will write His Law on our hearts - this is His covenant with us. We don't need to wonder about it. If we do not hear Him speak to our hearts then we have to ask whether or not we really are part of His new covenant? It is a fair question to ask since this is how He defines His covenant with us.

I know you may know all of this already. Some guys just explain things a whole lot better than I do. Though I cannot vouch for the man in this video, what he is saying is exactly my heart.

Minstry of Condemnation - Video

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