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You are likely to see (some) contradiction between the contributors to this page and what I have written - it is good to see how others' interpretation differ from yours and then to revisit your own from time-to-time (you might be missing something they're not!).

It is wholesome to listen to the views of others. It is wise to test all things and to retain that which is good. As with the rest of this web site, test what is presented here against the Word and retain what is good.

Angelica Zambrano (click here for YouTube)

Angelica Zambrano - 23 hours Dead, Hell and Heaven Testimony (Rapture & Message of God)

True Believers

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation commissioned a documentary by Stephen McDonell that deals with the rise of two streams of Christianity in China today - the Official Church sanctioned and controlled by the government, and the Unofficial or House Church which is not. This has been a most insightful proxy of what the church looks like world-wide; the popular, well-organised and resourced government sanctioned church and then the illegal underground church.

Whilst there is no shame in attending the governement-sanctioned church, members there are arguably subjected to doctrines concerning the Kingdom of God that are at best watered down or maligned to serve a social or political agenda. The underground church arguably does not have that problem. If then a believer genuinely believes in the resurrected Christ, why will they want to attend a false church?

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No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him; and I will raise him up at the last day. (Jesus)

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